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How to Clean and Care for Your NATO Watch Strap | The VARIO Guide

NATO straps have taken the world by storm. The variety of one-piece and two-piece styles and designs are worn by watch enthusiasts and collectors at all levels and attached to everything from $80 Casios to $8000 Rolexes. Made to withstand the harshest conditions and climates, NATO straps were first issued to the British military for use with their watches. They later went mainstream after being shown in Bond movies where they were worn by James Bond himself. Vario Seat Belt Nato Strap   Now, over half a century later, they’re a popular, affordable, high-quality alternative to rubber, leather, and stainless...

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How to Clean and Care for Your Leather Watch Strap | The VARIO Guide

As the oldest and one of the most beautiful materials – not just for watch straps, but furniture, bags, footwear, belts, and other accessories – there is a significant amount of time dedicated to the care and maintenance of leather. But while it is known for its durability, leather is an organic-based material that can and will fall apart faster than metal and other inorganic alternatives without proper maintenance. VARIO has created a leather band care and cleaning guide that could be the difference between your strap lasting ten months versus ten years. Keep reading to get the most of...

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How to Care for your Harris Tweed Watch Strap | The VARIO Guide

Harris Tweed is a Scottish tweed which has been hand woven by the islanders at their homes in the Outer Hebrides and made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. The making of Harris Tweed is a long and complicated process. Every inch of this British tweed fabric is woven by hand. Its beauty and heritage is without equal thus making it one of the most sought after fabrics in the world. Today, every 50 metres of Harris Tweed are checked by an inspector from the Harris Tweed Authority before being stamped, by hand,...

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How to Customize and Accessorize your G-Shock with Vario’s replacement straps

If you have a G-Shock watch from Casio you might feel stuck with the type of bands which are available from the watch company. In many cases Casio will ship these watches out with a plain black polyurethane band. While these can be great for creating a fairly functional strap that will hold your watch up for some time, you can enjoy changing it up for new fashion options with the help of G-Shock Nato Strap kit which includes a Nato strap, Casio’s Nato adapter and a spring bar tool to help you get started with this G-Shock modification. When the...

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How to install Vario G-Shock Nato Strap Adapters | The VARIO Guide

This is an adapter to modify your G-Shock so that you will be able to use straps like Nato and Zulu Straps for better fit, comfort and durability. This G-Shock modification will bring a new lease of life to your Casio watch. Allows Casio G-Shock watches to be used with 22mm and 24mm Nato or Zulu straps. You will be able to use 22mm but there will be some play. Works with Casio DW5000, DW5200, DW5300, DW5600, DW5300CV, DW5600/GW5600,  DW6100, DW6200, DW6500, DW6900/G6900, DW9052, G2500, G7900, G8900, G100/GA100/GD100/GDF100, GA110, GA120/GD120, GD350, GA400, GA700, GG1000, G8900, G9100, GW9200, G9300, GW9400, GL7200, GLS5600 and many...

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