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How to Customize and Accessorize your G-Shock with Vario’s replacement straps

If you have a G-Shock watch from Casio you might feel stuck with the type of bands which are available from the watch company. In many cases Casio will ship these watches out with a plain black polyurethane band. While these can be great for creating a fairly functional strap that will hold your watch up for some time, you can enjoy changing it up for new fashion options with the help of G-Shock Nato Strap kit which includes a Nato strap, Casio’s Nato adapter and a spring bar tool to help you get started with this G-Shock modification.

When the time comes that you have decided you would like to change up your watch band, just check our G-Shock Nato Straps page. There are compatible watch bands for G-Shock models in many colors. Our ballistic Nylon range is most popular among G-Shock lovers who loves to mod their watch as it goes well with the tactical theme and is both durable and comfortable at the same time.

Shipping generally takes just a few weeks and you can get your new replacement kit in the mail. After opening up the package, you can work at loosening the main pin on your watch band with the spring bar tool. The pin can be pushed in to loosen it and then you can remove the watch band. After removing the old band from the pin, just slide the pin back onto the adapter and slide the adapter into place on the watch. Check to see if the pin has been secured before sliding the Nato strap in. 

how to install casio g-shock nato adapter

Allows Casio G-Shock watches to be used with 22mm and 24mm Nato or Zulu straps. You will be able to use 22mm but there will be some play.

Works with Casio DW5000, DW5200, DW5300, DW5300CV, DW5600/GW5600, DW5610/GWM5610, DW6100, DW6200, DW6500, DW6900/G6900, DW9052, G2500, G7900, G8900, G100/GA100/GD100/GDF100, GA110, GA120/GD120, GA400, GA700, GG1000, GA2100, G8900, G9100, GW9200, GL7200, GLS5600 and many other (but not all) G-Shocks that feature 16mm lug width. Based on customer feedback, 5600, 5610 series are difficult to install and GD350, GX56, G9300, GW9400 needs a trim on the adapters to fit. Our adapters does not work with G9000, GA1000, MRG and GST series. If your model is not listed above, please contact us to check if our adapter works on your G-Shock before you purchase to avoid disappointment. 

Many G-Shock that can accept a standard 16mm spring bar should be compatible. It might be difficult to fit the adapters for some G-Shock models. We will supply 2 thinner spring bars which will make it easier to install the adapter onto your G-Shock for most cases as there is more room to wiggle. If that doesn't work, you might need to cut off abit of resin on the adapter to fit. (marked red in picture) 

vario adapter

Once the adapter is fastened onto the watch, changing between straps is effortless and you can change the strap on your custom G-Shock whenever you feel like it! Whether your G-Shock strap is simply worn out or you wanted to accessories it to stand out from the crowd, it is possible to get a new one and replace it with the help of Vario.


How to fit the Casio G-Shock Nato Strap Adapters

how to install gshock nato strap vario

how to install vario gshock nato adapter instructions

how to install vario casio gshock nato adapter

1. Remove the standard polyurethane strap using the spring bar tool provided and use back the removed spring bars to attach the adapter (or use our thinner spring bar supplied if the original spring bar is hard to snap into the lug hole)

how to install vario casio gshock nato adapter

2. Slide one end of the spring bar into the lug hole

how to install vario casio gshock nato adapter

3. Use the spring bar tool and push the spring bar inwards so it comes into contact with the inner side of the lugs.

variohow to install vario casio gshock nato adapter

4. As you will not be able to see the spring bar hole on one side, it is little tricky to get the spring bar in place. Once you get the spring bar into the lugs, use the springbar tool "Y" end to push it in until you hear a click. (use our thinner spring bar supplied if the original spring bar is hard to snap into the lug hole)

how to install vario gshock nato adapter

5. To make sure the spring bar fitted the lugs hole, try pulling the adapter to make sure it is secure before slotting the NATO strap. 

how to install vario casio gshock nato adapter

6. Hold on to the adapter and slide in one end of the strap through one side of the adapter

how to install vario casio gshock nato adapter

07. Pull the strap to the desired position and slide the remaining strap through the other adapter and you've installed the strap unto your G-Shock!

how to install vario casio gshock nato adapter


Check out this video from My Affordable Watch Collection to learn how to install our Nato adapters unto your GA120

Check out this video from Watch Distractions to learn how to install our Nato adapters unto your GW-B5600

Check out this video from Watches Galore to learn how to install our Nato adapters unto your GD-350 (learn where to trim your adapters around timecode 2:00)

Check out this video from Perth Watch to learn how to install our Nato adapters unto your GW-9400 Rangeman (learn where to trim your adapters around timecode 1:55)

Some Customer's Photos
casio gschock ga100 with vario ballistic bronze maratac zulu strap with gshock adapter

g-shock dw5600 with vario ballistic nylon nato zulu watch strap and nato adapter

Casio G-Shock AWG-100 with vario ballistic maratac zulu strap and casio gshock adapter

For the full range of Vario's Nato strap kit for Casio G-Shock please visit


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*Please check with us if you're not sure if the adapter will fit your G-Shock model.
**We are not responsible for any damage to your watch or yourself during the installation process and any trimmed adapters will not be refundable.

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